Welcome to the Deutsch Group!

Research interests in the Deutsch Group revolve around understanding the optical properties of materials patterned on a hierarchy of length scales. In particular, we are interested in the linear and nonlinear optical response of metallo-dielectric composite systems, patterned on length scales ranging from several nanometers up to optical (micrometer) scales.

Current research efforts are progressing in two major directions. In the first, we are focusing on developing new fabrication techniques for metallo-dielectrics with multi-scale spatial features; ultimately, most of our efforts concentrate on detailed optical characterization of these materials. The second direction encompasses theoretical modeling and numerical simulations of the materials we fabricate, as well as other novel functional metal structures.

Surface Plasmon Polaritons


The physics of plasmonics derives from electromagnetic modes called surface
plasmon polaritons (SPPs), which arise from the interaction between light and
mobile surface charges in the metal. The SPPs usually propagate along a
conductor-dielectric interface and the conductors are commonly metals with high
conductivities and low absorption such as Cu, Al and some noble metals (Ag and
Au).


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